Alice in Wonderland

Join Alice as she meets the grinning Cheshire Cat, with colorful, humorous characters! The mysterious Caterpillar and an array of creatures doors and other things! Join us for a mad tea party you will NEVER forget! And watch your step! The Queen of Hearts will be watching you…!

Director: William Chinnock

Producer: Didi Pelev

Co-Producer: Dimyana Pelev

Technical Director: William Chinnock

Set Design Dimyana Pelev & William Chinnock

The Cast of Alice in Wonderland Includes:

Geneve Ashton ~ Little Alice, The Queen’s Happy Hedgehog

Julian Aveling ~ The Door of Wonderland, House-fly, Card of Hearts

Landon Aveling ~ The White Rabbit

Ben Baker ~ Taller Mushroom, Dragon-Fly and The King of Hearts

Montana Gibson ~ Marigold the Flower and Card of Hearts

Kayleigh Lacy ~ Lilly the Flower, Alice, and the Stable Table

Haley LeMaster ~ Alice and the March Hare

Tracy Pelev ~ The Cheshire Cat and Queen of Hearts

Tyler-Marie Deveau ~ Alice, Smaller Mushroom, and The Queen’s Flamingo

Karissa Perry ~ Rose the Flower and Card of Hearts

Amanda Lashmit ~ Alice’s Sister, Alice, and the White Queen

April Bittner ~ The Caterpillar, The Duchess, Door Mouse, and Blue Bell

Brooke Goodrich ~Alice, Butter-Fly, and Card of Hearts

Bryce MacLeod ~ The Bottle and The Mad Hatter

Michael Bobova ~ Tweedle Dee and Card of Hearts

Roman Ushakov ~ Tweedle Dum and Card of Hearts