Based on three true WWII accounts

Written by Didi Pelev

Directed By Dimyana Pelev

Technical Director William Chinnock

Produced by Didi Pelev

Costumes and Scenery by Didi & Dimyana Pelev

Based on true WWII events, these heart wrenching stories remind us how powerful love is, even in a time of war a pregnant Russian women risks everything to save a life of a German soldier and hide him from her loving neighbors, the death of her husband stirs the heart of the soldier she saved and the neighbor she refused to wed many years ago. Gertrude Bablinska, a catholic nanny makes her life’s work to save a young Jewish boy while the young people of the Villa Emma, Italy rescue 107 Jewish children by walking across the icy Tresa River to the safety of Switzerland.

February 6-22, 2015

Featuring the talents of:

William Chinnock as Josef Duken

Tracy Pelev as Lillian Bernard

Ellen Curtis as Recha Freier / Cook

Tyler-Marie Deveau as Annette

Tristyn Deveau as Lydia

Amanda Lashmit as Carlotta Rossini

Kelly McKinley as Gertrude Bablinska / Nazi

David Dysart as Nazi 2


Kayleigh Lacy as Sylvia

Brooke Goodrich as Katherine

Lainey Bogh as Pavlina

Riley Vadnadis as Rosalie

Atalie Bogh as Edith

Brynn Baca as Beatrice

Montana Gibson as Trenka

Rhett Bogh as Michael Stolowicki

Amy Martin as Mary

as The Children of Villa Emma

Dimyana Pelev as Natasha, the Russian Woman

David Dysart as Carl, The German Soldier

Jared Moore as Kolia, Natasha's Neighbor

Tristyn Deveau as Marusa, Kolia's Sister

Lee Kaberlein as Boris, Their Neighbor

Ellen Drummons as Yente, The Old Gypsy

with the voice talents of

Dan Stong as Oleg, Natasha's Husband

and Didi Pelev as Carl's Mother