The Superhero Project

A powerful 30 minute play about self-confidence, trying our best, and being an inspiration to those around us "The Superhero Project" is bound to entertain audiences of a variety of ages with witty dialogue and charm for all!

THE SUPER HERO PROJECT written and directed by Didi Pelev

STARRING Anthony Bittner as Aristotle the Greek Statue

Michael Bobov as Alex

Amanda Lashmit as Alex's Mom

Patrick Willis as Ken

Tasman Aveling as Zeek

Lincoln Ashton as Luk

Morgan Massoud as Meg

Jennifer Lowenthal as Lois

Makayla Swadener as Sofi

Didi Pelev as The Mother Goose Statue

Danny Ignatova as The Jane Austen Statue

with Quinn Connolly as the tech operator


Miss Simpson's class has a hefty homework assignment to write a story and dramatize it - not just any story - a story about a superhero! Someone who saves the world! Alex, who helps his mom at work, cleaning the museum exhibits, excitedly shares his idea to his peers but Markus steals Alex's idea and presents it as his own during class!

Everyone is appalled that ideas can be stolen. Alex is faced with dilemma after dilemma… Speeding, traffic, characters which are already taken, trying to find a superhero unknown to the world… After careful thought and much debate, Alex realizes that the real superhero in his life is his mom who raised him, provided for him, cared for him and loved him no matter what. And she may not be saving the entire world, but she is saving his world.

Performing Oct 2018