FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE - a one act comedy

This witty, charming and hysterical performance combines multiple famous Russian Folk and Fairy tales into one action packed comedy!

Friday, Oct 6, 2017, 7PM Saturday, Oct 7, 2017, 7PM Sunday, Oct 8, 2017, 2PM


Kaitlyn Boyd as Luba, the tomboy with Cupid’s arrow

Nathan Morris as Ivan, the lucky farmer

Dimyana Pelev as Marusia, his trickster wife

Shani Hamilton as Katya, his dramatic sister

Nikolas Sosa as Sergey, her nervous fiance

Anthony Bittner as Anton, the richest man in town

Amanda Lashmit as Oksana, his feuding, love-struck neighbor

Makayla Swadener as Nina, the village dreamer

Written and Directed by Didi Pelev

Lyrics and Music by Dimyana Pelev

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