Alice in Wonderland


Alice in Wonderland! A whimsical adventure filled with colorful, humorous

characters! Join Alice as she meets the grinning Cheshire Cat, the mysterious

Caterpillar and an array of creatures doors and other things!

Join us for a mad tea party you will NEVER forget! And watch your step!

The Queen of Hearts will be watching you…!

Adapted and Directed by Didi Pelev

Lyrics by Dimyana Pelev

Opened February 12, 2010




Victoria Story as the curious Alice,

Ashley Vargas as the very late White Rabbit

and Hannah Bunker as the magical

Door of Wonderland.


Kaitlyn Boyd – Tweedle-Dum

Clemence Brait – Flower

William Chinnock – The Dragon Fly

Brianna Clemons – Alice’s Sister

Tristyn Devean – The Mad Hatter

Tyler-Marie Devean – The Caterpillar

Yesenia Garcia – The Queen of Hearts

Cassidy Hooper – Flower

Stephanie Kuntz – Tweedle-Dee

Jacqueline Minder – Flower

Tracy Pelev – The March Hare

Elaine Samano – The Queen of Hearts

Ruth Samano – The Cheshire Cat

Hannah Stiff – The Butterfly

Leah Stiff – The Table

TessaRae Stiff – The House Fly