Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs


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“SNOW WHITE & THE SEVEN DWARFS” follows the story of the fair

maiden Snow White. When the Locking Glass upon the wall tells the

uses a poison apple to try and destroy the fair princess. Will Snow

White’s new friends, the seven dwarfs, and the handsome Prince

Charming be able to break the evil spell…?

Opened on February 20, 2009

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The CAST of



Michael Aviles as Prince Frederick

Hannah Bunker as Peach Blossom

Jacqueline Chevrier as The Raven

William Chinnock as Ph. M. W. X. Y. Z. Doc

Kiersten Harris as Rose

Kelsie Harris as Blushful

Lindsey Kimble as The Cook

Samantha Korich as The Queen

Winston Peacock as Marcus

Tracy Pelev as Lilly

Autumn Manson as Snoozy

Brooke Manson as Snow White

Ivy Manson as Iris

Sage Manson as Dopey Jr.

Elaine Samano as The Snake

Ruth Samano as Violet

Victoria Story as Grumpy III

Hannah Stiff as Smiley

Leah Stiff as Sniffy

Tessarae Stiff as Daisy

Samantha Villegas as The Spider

Brad West as Chuck, the Woodcutter