Anne of Green Gables



ANNE OF GREEN GABLES is a heartwarming story of a freckled little red-head who will steal your heart! Anne is sent to Green Gables by mistake, to live with Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert- but will they keep the talkative orphan? Highlights of Anne’s misadventures include; an ice-cream scandal when Gilbert Blithe has the gumption to call Anne’s hair “carrots”…  An episode where Anne nearly looses her kindred-spirit, Diana Bary due to the incident where red current wine is mistaken for raspberry cordial… Green hair dye… Nearly drowning in the ‘lake of shining waters’… Winning highest honors in school… Heartbreak… Finding joy and love. Don’t miss the humorous, touching and inspiring adventures in Avonlea!

Adapted and Directed by Didi Pelev

Opened March 12, 2010

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The talented CAST of

Anne of Green Gables” co-stars Ivy

Manson as the freckled little red-head Anne

and Kendal Solak as the mature Anne.

Kayla and Krista Curtis portray the

beautiful, bosom friend, Diana.

Jody Evans plays the serious, practical

Marilla and Richard Bennett plays the

soft-spoken, loving Matthew. The role of

town-gossip, Rachell Lynde, is filled by Amy

Muthersbough with Mark Soderblom as the

tall and teasing Gilbert Blithe.

Completing the colorful cast of characters

are; Hannah Bunker (Josie Pye), Chelsea

Caracoza (Prissy Andrews), Elaine Samano

(Jane Andrews), Brianna Clemons, (Esther

Smith), Jacqueline Chevrier (Ruby Gillis),

Danniella Harman (Rosie Gillis), Aimee

Coller (Flora Jane), Aubry Reeves (Mrs.

Blewitt), Theresa Story (Mrs. Barry), Lara

Johnson (Minnie May Barry) and Kirstin

Soderblom, Izabella Andrea Morales,

Sophia Harman and Kaitlyn Boyd as the

youngsters of Avonlea.