Goldilock’s meets Little Red Riding Hood


A whimsical blend of everyone’s favorite fairytales, GOLDILOCKS MEETS LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD is a hysterical production that will entertain one and all! Did you know that Snow White, Rapunzel and 2 handsome princess were all in the forest searching for their true love?

Did you know that the 3 Little Pigs live next door to Granny’s house?

Did you know that Little Red Riding Hood ran into Dorothy’s Scarecrow?

Did you know that Robin Hood and Maid Marion helped the big bad wolf?

Did you know that Cinderella’s Step Sisters were wandering the same woods as Goldilocks?

Written and Directed by Didi and Dimyana Pelev

Opened 2011




Hannah Bunker as Goldilocks

Kaitlyn Boyd as Little Red Riding Hood

Andrew Graham as Big Bad Wolf, Papa Bear, Father, Johnny Apple-seed and Prince Philip

Breanna Cook as Mom, Mama Bear, Mother, Rapunzel

Riley Grissom as Scarecrow, Baby Bear, Grumpy Jr., 3rd Little Pig, Paige Boy

Cassidy Hooper as Granny, Matilda, Snow White

William Chinnock as RobinHood, Jack in the Bean Stalk, Boy Who Cried Wolf, Dudley

Kayleigh Lacy as Maid Marion, Anna

 Kira Hooper as 2nd Little Pig, Tink 

Josina Montes as 1st Little Pig, Martha

Tyler-Marie Devoue as Beauty, Step Sister

Skye Sigmund as Suzy, Step Sister

Madison Wood as Cici, Raggedy Ann

Andrew Morales as Stick Merchant, Prince Edward

Izabella Morales as Bella

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