Hansel and Gretel


A sweet treat for the whole family! Rosie’s daughter, the nasty Petunia, to Fritz! Petunia’s hatred towards children causes her to take Hansel and Gretel deep into the dark forest where she tries to get rid of them once and for all. On their first venture into the woods, Hansel and Gretel are saved by the spool of yarn they unwind through the woods. On the second journey into the woods, they were lead safely back home by the glowing moon-shine stones of the river. But the third time they enter the woods, the birds and squirrels eat the trail of bread-crumbs they were planning to follow home. This is when Hansel and Gretel happen upon the enchanted Candy House of the Wicked Witch! Hansel’s greedy and hungry behavior causes him to be locked up in the candy cage, waiting to become the Witch’s dinner! Will Gretel be able to trick the witch and will the children ever find their way back home? Find out in this delicious fairytale adventure!

Directed by Dimyana Pelev

Opened in 2011


The CAST of



Johanna Chevrier as Rosie

William Chinnock as Hansel

David Christison as Fritz

Tristyn Deveau as Petunia

Ellen Goodman as Mother / Witch

Hannah Stiff as Gretel

Kaitlyn Boyd as Little Red Riding Hood

Tyler-Marie Deveau as the Orphan Jail Child

Cassidy Hooper as Snow White

Kira Hooper as Bell / Jail Child

Angelina Martinez as Cynthia / Jail Child

Riley Grissom as Kathy / Jail Child

Stephanie Kuntz as Anna / Jail Child