Swiss Alps. Dorfli Village is distraught by this news! A child cannot live with that grumpy old man! But Heidi’s goodness shines through and touches the heart of her grandfather. On the glorious mountain top Heidi befriends Peter, a comical goat heard and all is well for sweet little Heidi, until… Aunt Dete returns to take Heidi to Frankfurt where she will serve as playmate to the invalid Klara Seasman, a very wealthy motherless child. Heidi misses her grandfather, Peter and the mountains and begs to return home. Frauline Rottenmeir, the stone-hearted housekeeper despises Heidi and makes her stay at the Seasman estate miserable. Heidi encounters many interesting people, including Eric, the boy with many animals by his side. In conclusion Klara and her father decide Heidi must return home to her grandfather, they accompany her and the fresh mountain air, and good food gives Klara the strength to walk again! Heidi is a heartwarming adventure filled with twists and turns, joys and woes, ups and downs, laughter and tears – come prepared for a wonderful enenving of entertainment.

Directed By Jody Evans

Opened January 21, 2011


The CAST of



Melisa Anderson as Ingrid

Kaitlyn Boyd as Analiese

Hannah Bunker as Berta/Yohanna

Chelsea Caracoza as Brigitta/Tinnet

Brianna Clemons as Aunt Dete

Jhon Evans as Eric

Hayden Firth as Eric

James M. Henley as Grandpa Alp

Danniella Harman as Heidi

Jon Lacquement as Serge/ Herr Sessemann

Faith Lacquement as Florina

Kelly McKinley as Frauline Rottenmeir

Andrew Michael as Peter

Izabella Andrea Morales as Marta

Heather Remund as Agnes

Zoë Remund as Clara Sessemann

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