Little Shop Around the Corner


In the fashion of Doris Day, ‘Lucy’, Carey Grant, Jimmy Stewart & Rock Hudson; A set of uncanny lovers and a love triangle to beat all odds! George and Anna are pen-pals, lovers on paper but mortal enemies in real life while Karl can’t determine who is his mystery girl… Is is Vivian, the charismatic shop girl; Griselda, the snobby, wealthy shopkeepers daughter; Kitty, the gum-chewing teen, or his best friend and confidant, Dolores?

Directed By Didi Pelev

Opened December 9, 2011






Melissa Anderson as The Waitress

Hannah Bunker as Kitty McKay

Chelsea Caracoza as Griselda VanHooterhorn

Johanna Chevrier as Lydia Johanson

William Chinnock as Willy, The Delivery Boy

Madeleine Dixon as Vivian Sheffield

Ashley Foster as a Shopper

Kayleigh Lacy as Lilly, The Orphan

Brianne Lopez as Mrs. VanHooterhorn

Andrew Graham as Karl Kopatrick

Cassidy Hooper as a Shopper

Kelly McKinley as Doloros VanHooterhorn

Andrew Morales as Count Marcelo Angelo deRistori

Izabella Morales as a Shopper

La’Mar Neal as Mel

Dimyana Pelev as Anna Bogan

Aaron Stevenson as George Michaels

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