Sweet little orphan Pollyanna wins the hearts of everyone in Vermont,

including her grumpy Aunt Polly, the grouchy Mrs. Snow and terrifying

Mr. Pendleton until tragedy strikes and the entire town is left with

the task of cheering dear Pollyanna.

Directed By Didi Pelev

Opened January 13, 2012


The talented cast of “POLLYANNA” includes;

Victoria Story as Pollyanna

Jody Evans as Aunt Polly

Hannah Bunker as Nancy

William Chinnock as Thomas

Brianne Lopez as The Cook

Tom Evans as Dr. Chilton

Amanda Lashmit as Mrs. Snow

Andrew Graham as Mr. Pendelton

La’Mar Neal as Rev. Ford

Zoƫ Redmund as Milly Snow

Roman Reed as Jimmy Bean

Linda Dorsett as Mrs. Benton

Kaitlyn Boyd as Prissy

Madison Wood as Jane

Jhon Evans as Robert

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