The wicked, lonely witch in the market place. Matlida explains the joy that children bring and the witch becomnes jealous, the witch feeds Matilda some Rapunzel lettuce and she is now under a curse – she can not eat ANYTHING but RAPUNZEL!  Giovani, Matilda’s husband, buys all he Rapunzel lettuce in the county to satisfy his wife, but there isn’t enough! He is forced to secretly enter the witch’s garden and steal some of the Rapunzel! The witch catches him and makes a deal; that he can have all the Rapunzel he wants if she can have their child! Giovanni has no choice but to agree. 18 years later, Rapunzel is all grown up, trapped by the witch in a tall lonely tower. Prince Fabrizio and his escort Markus happen upon her tower and the Prince is instantly entranced by the beauty of the mysterious maiden. He is on a mission to save her, and free her when the witch Rapunzel’s hair and transports them to the opposite sides of the forest! The lovers search for each other and Rapunzel’s tears relieve the Prince’s sight! And they lived happily ever after!

Directed by Didi and Dimyana Pelev

Opened February 18, 2011


The CAST of


Rapunzel stars Brianna Clemons as the beautiful, spunky Rapunzel

JJ Fuentes as the dashing Prince Charming and

Kelly McKinley as the wicked, vile Witch.

Kire Bren Hawley-Zechlin portrays Rapunzel’s hungry Mother

Andy Morales plays Rapunzel’s loving Father.

Joining this colorful array of characters are Tristyn

Deveau as the kind, but feisty Queen, Kayleigh Lacy as

the bouncy Court Jester and William Chinnock as the royal, snooty cook.

In the roles of jealous princesses, witty merchants and

lovely peasants are the talented Melissa Anderson,

Hannah Bunker, Kaitlyn Boyd, Karina Fuentes, Cassidy

Hooper, Tyler-Marie Deveau, Brittany Conoley, Paige

West and Izabel Morales.