The Path of the Righteous: The Irena Sendler Story

asdfasdfa“Irena saved the lives of 2,500 Jewish children. She is an un-sung hero and we wish to tell her tale” “…a very powerful piece of theater, extremely dramatic and heart-wrenching…”

“Jewish parents are faced with the heartbreaking choice; to surrender their children in hopes of their escape and potential freedom, or to keep their children with them but risk death and the end of their race –it’s going to be INCREDIBLE…”

“The play revolves around Irena and her fight to save as many Jews as she can in a time of hatred, war and destruction. Intermingled with her plotting she crosses paths with the handsome Stefan Zgrzembski and a love story blossoms.”

“Love in all forms is explored in this production; romantic love, religious love, and the strongest love of all, a parents’ love for their child.”

Directed By Theresa Story

Assistant Directed By Dimyana Pelev and Rowena Curtis

Opened 2011



The CAST of



Krista Curtis as Irena Sendler

Nicole Prusa as Mrs. Sendler

Shane Litchfield as Stefan

Kelly McKinley as Sonia

Andrew Graham as Pavel


Chelsea Caracoza as Ruth

Aimee Collier as Deborah

Breanna Cook as Tula

Laura Evans as Abigail

Jody Evans as Dinah

Cassidy Hooper as Tzeitle

Kira Hooper as Naomi

Haley LeMaster as Hodle

Tawni Norberg as Rachel

Chloe Smith as Tabatha/Hadassah

Joshua Story as Motle

Victoria Story as Bilka 

as the Jewish Parents

and Children

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