Director Dimyana Pelev

Dimyana PelevDimyana Pelev, native of Bulgaria, is an energetic artist who has been practicing her theatrical skills for 15 years. An award winning actress and singer, Pelev has also worn the hats of designer, writer, lyricist and most prominently director, choreographer and movement coordinator.  For 12 years Pelev has served as resident choreographer for Stars of Tomorrow Children’s Theater, a company devoted to producing quality theater and an exceptional learning experience for youth. In addition to teaching youth, Pelev has co-created an advanced acting program specifically for teens and just recently directed a third annual showcase.  Some of Pelev’s credits include work with puppetry, masks and ensemble music.  Pelev has annually directed and choreographed for Kimberly Juniors Etiquette Academy, leading 100+ high-school girls in a musical spectacular. Pelev’s has had the pleasure of choreographing and directing for prestigious theatrical companies and community theaters all over Southern California in addition to teaching ballet, tap and jazz for several yearsPelev has studied at LAMDA, New London Theatre, and holds a B.A. in Theatre Arts from the University of Redlands with an emphasis on directing and children’s theater.


Note from the Director/Choreographer  

Snow White is a classic where good wins over evil and love concurs all, the idealistic view of the world – and a very interesting look at what beauty means. The society we live in has a huge influence of our understanding of beauty, but Snow White makes it clear that beauty comes from within, from deep inside the heart. We all know the saying, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is fairest of them all?” but the definition of the word ‘fair’ holds many subtleties which I am happy to have expanded on in this “revival” production of Snow White. 

I am thrilled to be revisiting Snow White after having co-directed it four years ago with one of my favorite ‘partners in crime’, Mr. Anthony Story. We had so much fun last time, creating this show from the ground up, on a minuscule budget, discovering the ups and downs of this beautiful fairy tale. this time around, assisting the production we have David Dysart (Assistant Director), William Chinnock (Technical Director), Brianne Lopez (Music Director), Stars of Tomorrow Children’s Theater (Costumes) Ha’nnah Bunker (Dance Captain) and Esther Udvardi (Production Assistant) each of which are a seasoned theater veterans, loving their craft and giving this project their all. With an updated script, new lyrics, new sets and costumes; Snow White is going to be a truly fantastic production. 

I have been blessed with the most charming and talented cast and crew I could ever wish for. Everyone has embraced their roles and we are all working around the clock to make the magic happen. That’s something I love about Heartland, we really join forces as a family to create the show together. There is definitely a heightened sense of community, especially during tech week as everyone pitches in to make sure the sets are painted, props collected and head-gear sewn on straight. It’s a marvelous feeling to be part of something bigger than oneself. It takes an army of people to do what we do, and I am delighted to be doing what I love surrounded by people that I love. It wouldn’t have the same warmth and charm without my family and dear friends by my side supporting my vision for this production. So come and see what the fun is all about, Snow White opens September 13th and runs until September 29th.”