Meet the Cast

Director: William Chinnock

Producer: Didi Pelev

Co-Producer: Dimyana Pelev

Technical Director: William Chinnock


The Cast of Alice in Wonderland Includes:


Geneve Ashton ~ Little Alice, The Queen’s Happy Hedgehog

Julian Aveling ~ The Door of Wonderland, House-fly, Card of Hearts

Landon Aveling ~ The White Rabbit

Ben Baker ~ Taller Mushroom, Dragon-Fly and The King of Hearts

Montana Gibson ~ Marigold the Flower and Card of Hearts

Kayleigh Lacy ~ Lilly the Flower, Alice, and the Stable Table

Haley LeMaster ~ Alice and the March Hare

Tracy Pelev ~ The Cheshire Cat and Queen of Hearts 

Tyler-Marie Deveau ~ Alice, Smaller Mushroom, and The Queen’s Flamingo

Karissa Perry ~ Rose the Flower and Card of Hearts

Amanda Lashmit ~ Alice’s Sister, Alice, and the White Queen

April Bittner ~ The Caterpillar, The Duchess, Door Mouse, and Blue Bell

Brooke Goodrich ~Alice, Butter-Fly, and Card of Hearts

Bryce MacLeod ~ The Bottle and The Mad Hatter

Michael Bobova ~ Tweedle Dee and Card of Hearts

Roman Ushakov ~ Tweedle Dum and Card of Hearts