Meet the Cast

Puss in Boots Meets Rumpelstilskin!

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Directed By: William Chinnock

Assistant Directed By: Kayleigh Lacy

Produced By: Dimyana Pelev

Stage Managed By: April Bitner


An enchanting blend of your favorite “Once Upon a Time” characters, “Puss in Boots meets Rumplestilskin” is a marvelous, thrilling adventure with a dash of romance and something for everyone.

Puss in Boots, the sly, sword-fighting cat, aids Jack in winning the hand of the fair Princess Eloise. Puss will stop at nothing, from a staged drowning to defeating the vile ogre! Meanwhile, Prince Wilham, has fallen hopelessly in love with the Miller’s daughter, Dorothea, who, to please the King and Queen must perform the impossible task of spinning straw into gold! Rumplestilskin steps in ready for a bargian; gold in exchange for Dorothea’s first born child, unless she can guess his mysterious name… The entire kingdom including Jaq and Jill, Hansel and Gretel, and Jack from the Beanstaluk team up to uncover the identity of the gold-spinning villan. Don’t miss the antics, side-splitting laughs and fabulous entertaimnment of the season!

Puss in BootsJack and Puss


January, 2014


David Dysart as Puss in Boots, Jack’s Cat

Ben Baker as The King / Rumplestilskin

Landon Aveling as Jack

Zoe Remund as Princess Eloise 

April Bitner as The Queen

Carley as Gertrude, Jack’s Mother / Granny

Amanda Lashmit as Fiona Miller, Dorothea’s Mother

William Chinnock as Prince Wilham

Tracy Pelev as Dorothea

Julian Aveling as The Ogre / First Minister (FM)

Zoe Remund as Princess Eloise 

Tyler-Marie as Princess Emmaline

Kayleigh Lacy as Lady Lucille

Tatum Mapes as Lady Eva

Esther Udvardi as Milk Maid Marie / Servant Cecily / Lady Lucinda 

Chris as Paige / Farmer Fred / Servant

Brynn Baca as Jaq (Jill’s sister)

Riley as Jill (Jaq’s sister)

Roman as Hansel (Gretel’s brother)

Amy Martin as Gretel (Hansel’s sister)

Misha as Little Jack (LJ, with the bean stalk) 


Puss in Boots meets Rumpelstilskin is produced in association with Stars of Tomorrow Children’s Theatre.