Meet the Cast

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Directed By Didi Pelev

Produced By Dimyana Pelev

Technical Director William Chinnock



09-IMG_9649Amanda Lashmit as The Evil Queen Regina 

Amy Martin as Little Red Riding Hood

Brianne Lopez as The Baker, Little Red and Little Bo Peep’s Mother 

Brooke Goodrich as Goldilocks 

Bryant Crawford as Friar Tuck 

Esther Udvardi as Belle 

Holly Kanter as Maleficent 

Jamie Ruml as Wolf / Prince Fillip 

02-IMG_9547Josh Lopez as Gaston 

Kayleigh Lacy as Magic Mirror / Princess Winifred 

Lexi Snowhite as Owl / Gretel 

Michael Bobov as Dudley 

Montana Gibson as Little Bo Peep 

Paolo Capili as Lafoo 

Riley Grissom as Flora, the Fairy 

Riley Vadnais as Fauna the Fairy / The Boy Who Cried Wolf 

Tatum Mapes as Merryweather the Fairy

24-IMG_9927Tracy Pelev as Snow White 

Tyler-Marie Deveau as Sleeping Beauty 

William Chinnock as Sheriff of Nottingham / Robin Hood 

*David Dysart as as Sheriff of Nottingham / Robin Hood on Saturday, Oct 18th 

Zoe Remund as Gothel / Maid Marion