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the wizard of oz

The Wizard of Oz

January 6 – February 1

Directed by William Chinnock

Assistant Directed by April Bittner

Produced by Dimyana Pelev


Cast of Characters

Zoë Remund as Dorothy Gale 
Amy Martin as Toto
Christopher Easley as The Scarecrow / Sam
Julian Aveling as the Tin Man / Tim
Quade Hejdak as The Cowardly Lion / Leo

OZ Final (58)
Amanda Lashmit as Glinda the Good Witch of the North / Aunt Em
Anthony Bittner as The Wizard of Oz / Professor 
April Bittner as The Wicked Witch / Miss Gultch 
Kaitlyn Boyd as Nikko the Flying Monkey / Tornado Dancer 
Stephanie Kuntz as Nikita the Flying Monkey / Tornado Dancer
Tatum Mapes as the Crow
Brynn Baca as The Apple Tree / Hirri the Mouse
Lainey Bogh as The Mouse Queen / Mute Munchkin
Joleen Liu (Yaya) as Kiore the Mouse / Mute Munchkin 
Karissa Perry as Poppy Flower / Gate Left 
Montana Gibson Munch the Munchkin / Poppy Flower / Gate Right
Isabella Spelman / Riley Vadnais as Mopsi the Munchkin / Turquoise the Ozian 
Tasman Harris Aveling as Mooj the Mayor of Munchkin Land / Topaz the Ozian 
Brooke Goodrich as Production Assistant / Tech / Poppy Flower

 OZ Final (13)

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