Meet the Cast

Father Knows Best

Directed by Didi Pelev

February 2013


“A romantic medieval adventure just in time for Valentine’s!” Good King George II has two children; the spoiled daughter refuses to wed her wealthy suitors and is forced to marry an obnoxious wandering minstrel while the kindhearted son falls in love with an already betrothed princess! Will their all-knowing father resolve the dilemmas of their troubled hearts? Find out in this fantastic, royal romance!  

fatehr knows best

Starring the talents of: 

The Royal Family
ANDREW GRAHAM as the Father, Good King George
ANDREW GOODMAN as George’s obedient son, Prince Valerious
HA’NNAH BUNKER as George’s feisty daughter, Princess Isabella
KAYLEIGH LACY as George’s adorable daughter, Princess Angelic
BROOKE GOODRICH as George’s youngest, Princess Odelia

The Royal Household
KELLY McKINLEY as Lady Sabrina
SKYE SIGMOND as Carolena

Next Door
LAURA JEAN EVANS as Princess Elena, from the Western Boarders
WILLIAM CHINNOCK as Prince Zigfried, of Germany
JONAS POGGI as Sir Tristan, Zigfried’s Squire
WALKER RILEY as the dashing, the daring, the devastatingly handsome, Prince Albert III of Deborsha

In the Forest
LA’MAR NEAL as Gajhar, The Gypsy King
KAITLYN BOYD as Gitana the Gypsy
MADISON WOOD as Esmeralda the Gypsy
MIA PAUL as Zingari the Gypsy