Meet the Cast

golden-goose-picThe Golden Goose & Clarissa Fair with the Golden Hair

Directed by William Chinnock

Golden Goose: One act of hysterics while everyone from village maidens to the town Priest and Nun to the thieving gypsies of the forest become magically glued to the golden feathers of Han’s goose until the beautiful Princess Isabelle ceases her river of tears and laughs for the first time in years! 

Clarissa Fair with the Golden Hair: A second act of adventure when a simple cook eats from the forbidden fish and is able to understand the language of the animals. His new found fuzzy friends help him to pass every impossible test to win the hand of Princess Clarissa Fair with the Golden Hair. 

Sam Udvardi as Christopher the Royal Cook
Stephanie Kuntz as Clarissa Fair with the Golden Hair / Magic Fish
Kayleigh Lacy as Dorinda Wise with Starry Eyes
Ha’nnah Bunker as Florinda True with Eyes of Blue / Bird 1
Cassidy Hooper as Lucinda Smart with the Lovely Heart / Bird 2
Tristyn Deveau as Melisa Kind with the Brilliant Mind / Old Woman
Kaitlyn Boyd as Jill / The Angry Duck
Jonas Poggi as Jack / Prince Augustine de Pomp
Josina Montes as Ant 1
Brooke Goodrich as Ant 2
Kira Hooper as The Bumble Bee
William Chinnock as Purple Paige 

William Chinnock as Hans
Ha’nnah Bunker as Isabella, the Weeping Princess / Old Woman Olga
Tristyn Deveau as Mother of Hans / the Queen
Cassidy Hooper as Old Woman Regina / Lady Gwen
Kayleigh Lacy as Lady Jane
Stephanie Kuntz as Bertha
Josina Montes as Dana
Jonas Poggi as the Priest
Brooke Goodrich as the Nun
Kaitlyn Boyd as Thieving Theresa Tensionnel
Kira Hooper as Stealing Stacy Sullendale
Sam Udvardi as Smelly Sam the Laundry Man