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Lady Jane: Queen for Nine Days

This passionate, historic drama is based on the life of Lady Jane Grey; Queen of England for nine short days. The Lord of Northumberland and Lady Francis Grey’s thirst for power led to the marriage alliance of Lord Guilford Dudley and Jane Grey, cousin of King Edward VI. The newlyweds are reluctant towards the union, but over time, they discover the greatest gift one can give and receive; love. Their love is tested when young King Edward dies and the crown of England is forcibly passed to Jane…

Written and directed By: Didi Pelev

Opened on November 7, 2008



 Michael Aviles as King Edward VI

RaeAnna Blanck as Lady Francis Grey

David Christison as Lord Dudley

Kayla Curtis as Lady Anna

Krista Curtis as Lady Katherine

Kiersten Harris as Mary

Tracy Pelev as Lady Harriet

Dimyana Pelev as Lady Jane Grey

Anthony Story as Lord Guilford

Theresa Story as Helen

Hannah Strachen as Abigail

Jeremy H. Yeo as Lord Henry Grey


Portriat of Lady Jane Grey

The Importance of Being Earnest

The Importance of Being Earnest

A hilarious comedy that the entire family will adore!

Don’t miss this delightful production directed by Tim Simpson

Opened October 3, 2008

The CAST of




Lindsey Kimble

Amy Muthersfield

Jana Smith

Nathan Smith

Bruce Smith

Beth Smith

Leah Simpson

Tim Simpson

Tristan and Isolde Retold

Tristan and Isolde Retold

A Romantic Drama

Based on the Legend of “Tristan & Isolde”

Written and Directed by Didi Pelev

 Just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Opened February 15, 2008



Anthony Story

Jana Smith

Ashley Nicole Henley

James Michael Henley

Christopher Henley

James Hayashi

Dimyana Pelev

Tracy Pelev

Michael Aviles

Matt Holbrook

Brandon Hillock

RaeAnna Blanck

Krista Curtis

Randy Blanck

Kayla Curtis

Chip Gross