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The Path of the Righteous: The Irena Sendler Story

asdfasdfa“Irena saved the lives of 2,500 Jewish children. She is an un-sung hero and we wish to tell her tale” “…a very powerful piece of theater, extremely dramatic and heart-wrenching…”

“Jewish parents are faced with the heartbreaking choice; to surrender their children in hopes of their escape and potential freedom, or to keep their children with them but risk death and the end of their race –it’s going to be INCREDIBLE…”

“The play revolves around Irena and her fight to save as many Jews as she can in a time of hatred, war and destruction. Intermingled with her plotting she crosses paths with the handsome Stefan Zgrzembski and a love story blossoms.”

“Love in all forms is explored in this production; romantic love, religious love, and the strongest love of all, a parents’ love for their child.”

Directed By Theresa Story

Assistant Directed By Dimyana Pelev and Rowena Curtis

Opened 2011



The CAST of



Krista Curtis as Irena Sendler

Nicole Prusa as Mrs. Sendler

Shane Litchfield as Stefan

Kelly McKinley as Sonia

Andrew Graham as Pavel


Chelsea Caracoza as Ruth

Aimee Collier as Deborah

Breanna Cook as Tula

Laura Evans as Abigail

Jody Evans as Dinah

Cassidy Hooper as Tzeitle

Kira Hooper as Naomi

Haley LeMaster as Hodle

Tawni Norberg as Rachel

Chloe Smith as Tabatha/Hadassah

Joshua Story as Motle

Victoria Story as Bilka 

as the Jewish Parents

and Children

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The wicked, lonely witch in the market place. Matlida explains the joy that children bring and the witch becomnes jealous, the witch feeds Matilda some Rapunzel lettuce and she is now under a curse – she can not eat ANYTHING but RAPUNZEL!  Giovani, Matilda’s husband, buys all he Rapunzel lettuce in the county to satisfy his wife, but there isn’t enough! He is forced to secretly enter the witch’s garden and steal some of the Rapunzel! The witch catches him and makes a deal; that he can have all the Rapunzel he wants if she can have their child! Giovanni has no choice but to agree. 18 years later, Rapunzel is all grown up, trapped by the witch in a tall lonely tower. Prince Fabrizio and his escort Markus happen upon her tower and the Prince is instantly entranced by the beauty of the mysterious maiden. He is on a mission to save her, and free her when the witch Rapunzel’s hair and transports them to the opposite sides of the forest! The lovers search for each other and Rapunzel’s tears relieve the Prince’s sight! And they lived happily ever after!

Directed by Didi and Dimyana Pelev

Opened February 18, 2011


The CAST of


Rapunzel stars Brianna Clemons as the beautiful, spunky Rapunzel

JJ Fuentes as the dashing Prince Charming and

Kelly McKinley as the wicked, vile Witch.

Kire Bren Hawley-Zechlin portrays Rapunzel’s hungry Mother

Andy Morales plays Rapunzel’s loving Father.

Joining this colorful array of characters are Tristyn

Deveau as the kind, but feisty Queen, Kayleigh Lacy as

the bouncy Court Jester and William Chinnock as the royal, snooty cook.

In the roles of jealous princesses, witty merchants and

lovely peasants are the talented Melissa Anderson,

Hannah Bunker, Kaitlyn Boyd, Karina Fuentes, Cassidy

Hooper, Tyler-Marie Deveau, Brittany Conoley, Paige

West and Izabel Morales.




PYGMALION by George Bernard Shaw – A Classic Directed and Newly Adapted by Amy Muthersbaugh Shaw’s beloved “dramedic” story, most famously known as “My Fair Lady,” comes to life in this brand new adaptation! Set in the late 1940s Richmond, Virginia, the world of lower-class Appalachian native Eliza Doolittle collides with the arrogant upper-class Professor Henry Higgins in this thought-provoking play.

Opened 2011


Shane Woods as Henery Higgins

Laura Jean Evens as Eliza Doolittle

Lyle Kimble as Colonel Pickering

Sauni Rinehart as Mrs. Higgins

Aimee Collier as Mrs. Pearce / Bystander

Mark Soderblom as Alfred Doolittle / Freddy Eynsford-Hill

Theresa Story as Mrs. Eynsford-Hill

Chelsea Caracoza as Clara Eynsford-Hill

Lindsey Kimble as Parlor Maid / Sarcastic Bystander

Little Shop Around the Corner


In the fashion of Doris Day, ‘Lucy’, Carey Grant, Jimmy Stewart & Rock Hudson; A set of uncanny lovers and a love triangle to beat all odds! George and Anna are pen-pals, lovers on paper but mortal enemies in real life while Karl can’t determine who is his mystery girl… Is is Vivian, the charismatic shop girl; Griselda, the snobby, wealthy shopkeepers daughter; Kitty, the gum-chewing teen, or his best friend and confidant, Dolores?

Directed By Didi Pelev

Opened December 9, 2011






Melissa Anderson as The Waitress

Hannah Bunker as Kitty McKay

Chelsea Caracoza as Griselda VanHooterhorn

Johanna Chevrier as Lydia Johanson

William Chinnock as Willy, The Delivery Boy

Madeleine Dixon as Vivian Sheffield

Ashley Foster as a Shopper

Kayleigh Lacy as Lilly, The Orphan

Brianne Lopez as Mrs. VanHooterhorn

Andrew Graham as Karl Kopatrick

Cassidy Hooper as a Shopper

Kelly McKinley as Doloros VanHooterhorn

Andrew Morales as Count Marcelo Angelo deRistori

Izabella Morales as a Shopper

La’Mar Neal as Mel

Dimyana Pelev as Anna Bogan

Aaron Stevenson as George Michaels

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Swiss Alps. Dorfli Village is distraught by this news! A child cannot live with that grumpy old man! But Heidi’s goodness shines through and touches the heart of her grandfather. On the glorious mountain top Heidi befriends Peter, a comical goat heard and all is well for sweet little Heidi, until… Aunt Dete returns to take Heidi to Frankfurt where she will serve as playmate to the invalid Klara Seasman, a very wealthy motherless child. Heidi misses her grandfather, Peter and the mountains and begs to return home. Frauline Rottenmeir, the stone-hearted housekeeper despises Heidi and makes her stay at the Seasman estate miserable. Heidi encounters many interesting people, including Eric, the boy with many animals by his side. In conclusion Klara and her father decide Heidi must return home to her grandfather, they accompany her and the fresh mountain air, and good food gives Klara the strength to walk again! Heidi is a heartwarming adventure filled with twists and turns, joys and woes, ups and downs, laughter and tears – come prepared for a wonderful enenving of entertainment.

Directed By Jody Evans

Opened January 21, 2011


The CAST of



Melisa Anderson as Ingrid

Kaitlyn Boyd as Analiese

Hannah Bunker as Berta/Yohanna

Chelsea Caracoza as Brigitta/Tinnet

Brianna Clemons as Aunt Dete

Jhon Evans as Eric

Hayden Firth as Eric

James M. Henley as Grandpa Alp

Danniella Harman as Heidi

Jon Lacquement as Serge/ Herr Sessemann

Faith Lacquement as Florina

Kelly McKinley as Frauline Rottenmeir

Andrew Michael as Peter

Izabella Andrea Morales as Marta

Heather Remund as Agnes

Zoë Remund as Clara Sessemann

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Hansel and Gretel


A sweet treat for the whole family! Rosie’s daughter, the nasty Petunia, to Fritz! Petunia’s hatred towards children causes her to take Hansel and Gretel deep into the dark forest where she tries to get rid of them once and for all. On their first venture into the woods, Hansel and Gretel are saved by the spool of yarn they unwind through the woods. On the second journey into the woods, they were lead safely back home by the glowing moon-shine stones of the river. But the third time they enter the woods, the birds and squirrels eat the trail of bread-crumbs they were planning to follow home. This is when Hansel and Gretel happen upon the enchanted Candy House of the Wicked Witch! Hansel’s greedy and hungry behavior causes him to be locked up in the candy cage, waiting to become the Witch’s dinner! Will Gretel be able to trick the witch and will the children ever find their way back home? Find out in this delicious fairytale adventure!

Directed by Dimyana Pelev

Opened in 2011


The CAST of



Johanna Chevrier as Rosie

William Chinnock as Hansel

David Christison as Fritz

Tristyn Deveau as Petunia

Ellen Goodman as Mother / Witch

Hannah Stiff as Gretel

Kaitlyn Boyd as Little Red Riding Hood

Tyler-Marie Deveau as the Orphan Jail Child

Cassidy Hooper as Snow White

Kira Hooper as Bell / Jail Child

Angelina Martinez as Cynthia / Jail Child

Riley Grissom as Kathy / Jail Child

Stephanie Kuntz as Anna / Jail Child

Goldilock’s meets Little Red Riding Hood


A whimsical blend of everyone’s favorite fairytales, GOLDILOCKS MEETS LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD is a hysterical production that will entertain one and all! Did you know that Snow White, Rapunzel and 2 handsome princess were all in the forest searching for their true love?

Did you know that the 3 Little Pigs live next door to Granny’s house?

Did you know that Little Red Riding Hood ran into Dorothy’s Scarecrow?

Did you know that Robin Hood and Maid Marion helped the big bad wolf?

Did you know that Cinderella’s Step Sisters were wandering the same woods as Goldilocks?

Written and Directed by Didi and Dimyana Pelev

Opened 2011




Hannah Bunker as Goldilocks

Kaitlyn Boyd as Little Red Riding Hood

Andrew Graham as Big Bad Wolf, Papa Bear, Father, Johnny Apple-seed and Prince Philip

Breanna Cook as Mom, Mama Bear, Mother, Rapunzel

Riley Grissom as Scarecrow, Baby Bear, Grumpy Jr., 3rd Little Pig, Paige Boy

Cassidy Hooper as Granny, Matilda, Snow White

William Chinnock as RobinHood, Jack in the Bean Stalk, Boy Who Cried Wolf, Dudley

Kayleigh Lacy as Maid Marion, Anna

 Kira Hooper as 2nd Little Pig, Tink 

Josina Montes as 1st Little Pig, Martha

Tyler-Marie Devoue as Beauty, Step Sister

Skye Sigmund as Suzy, Step Sister

Madison Wood as Cici, Raggedy Ann

Andrew Morales as Stick Merchant, Prince Edward

Izabella Morales as Bella

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