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Meet the Cast


The Princess and the Pea

April 2016

Directed by Brianna Clemons 
Assistant Directed by Zoe Remund 
Costumed by Didi Pelev of Stars of Tomorrow Children’s Theater 

princess and the pea

Kaitlyn Boyd – Princess Phillipa
Chris Easley – Prince Antonio
Amanda Lashmit – The Queen 
Zoe Remund – Princess Amelia
Karissa Perry – Princess Bella
Julian Aveling – Dudly
Quade Hejdak – Wizard, Marcello, Old Woman & Prince Ziegfried
Tazman Aveling – Jester
Amy Marta – Jester, Child
Brynn Baca – Marrilla
Joleen Liu – Barrilla
Stephanie Kuntz – Sofi, Princess Pinnochina & Princess Gespatcha
Montana Gibson – Artisa & Princess Geppetta
Kayleigh Lacy – Artisa & Princess Geppetta (Apr 22,29,30)
Piotr Andzel – Herald & Prince Gustoff
Alyssa Boyd – Silent Princess & Irish Princess

Meet the Cast

Journey to Bethlehem

Written by Didi Pelev

Directed by April Bittner and Alyssa Good

Costumed by Didi Pelev, Stars of Tomorrow

Produced by Dimyana Pelev

Scenery by Stars of Tomorrow Children’s Theater


A one act show about the journey of Mary and

Joseph and the story of the first Christmas.



Brianna Clemons as Mary

Chris Easley as Joseph

Amanda Lashmit as Mary’s Mother

Ellen Drummonds as Darissa, Mary’s Friend

Esther Udvardi as Martha, Joseph’s Friend

Freeland Gonzales as Peter

Eden Rathbun as Oshina

Makenna Brown as Elizabeth, Mary’s Cousin

Tatum Mapes as Tabitha, Elizabeth’s Handmaiden

Zoe Remund as Atar the Shepherd

Riley Grissom as Rachel, Shepherd

Anthony Bittner as Benjamin, Shepherd

Esther Udvardi as Eszter, Shepherd

Noemi Villanueva as Norah, Shepherd

Greta Macharelli as Geela, Shepherd

Amory Martin as Abigail, Shepherd

Smaran Harihar as Ivan the Inn Keeper

Teresa Luna as Kelula, The Inn Keeper’s Wife

Riley Vadnais as Chasia, The Inn Keeper’s Eldest Daughter

Nailea Villanueva as Vanna, The Inn Keeper’s Youngest Daughter


Emy Meinke as Lilly the Lamb

Amanda Keenedy as Dinah the White Dove of Hope

Cloud Mora as Caleb the Cow

Liam Daily as Botyo, Joseph’s Donkey

Brooklyn Daily as Leah the Lamb

Meet The Cast


Sleeping Beauty Wheel Logo-Transparent

Directed by Kayleigh Lacy | Assistant Directed by William Chinnock

An enchanting tale that will capture your heart! Princess Aurora is cursed so upon her 16th birthday

she will prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and die unless true loves kiss awakes her.

“Sleeping Beauty”, an original two act comedy, is full of princes, princesses, and magic! Get

ready for laugh and an amazing adventure once upon a dream…

February 12-28, 2016

SB 15


Tracy Pelev – Aurora
Julian Aveling – Prince Philip
Kaitlyn Boyd – Georgie Prince Philip’s Best Friend
Alyssa Good – Maleficent
Brooke Goodrich – Raven
Tatum Mapes – Python
Riley Vadnais – Venom
SB 8SB 5
Brynn Baca – Web & The Royal Herald
Zoë Remund – Fauna the Fairy
Lainey Bogh – Flora the Fairy
Elizabeth Hernandez – Merry Weather the Fairy
Tony Bittner – King Rupert
Ellen Drummonds – Queen Francis
Kelly McKinley- Queen Victoria
Chris Easley – King Albert
Montana Gibson – Smarty the Owl Friend of Aurora
Amy Martin – Cottontail the Rabbit Friend of Aurora
Elena Deininger – Speedy the Turtle Friend of Aurora
Karissa Perry – Lady Juliet
SB 14