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Meet the Cast

Father Knows Best

Directed by Didi Pelev

February 2013


“A romantic medieval adventure just in time for Valentine’s!” Good King George II has two children; the spoiled daughter refuses to wed her wealthy suitors and is forced to marry an obnoxious wandering minstrel while the kindhearted son falls in love with an already betrothed princess! Will their all-knowing father resolve the dilemmas of their troubled hearts? Find out in this fantastic, royal romance!  

fatehr knows best

Starring the talents of: 

The Royal Family
ANDREW GRAHAM as the Father, Good King George
ANDREW GOODMAN as George’s obedient son, Prince Valerious
HA’NNAH BUNKER as George’s feisty daughter, Princess Isabella
KAYLEIGH LACY as George’s adorable daughter, Princess Angelic
BROOKE GOODRICH as George’s youngest, Princess Odelia

The Royal Household
KELLY McKINLEY as Lady Sabrina
SKYE SIGMOND as Carolena

Next Door
LAURA JEAN EVANS as Princess Elena, from the Western Boarders
WILLIAM CHINNOCK as Prince Zigfried, of Germany
JONAS POGGI as Sir Tristan, Zigfried’s Squire
WALKER RILEY as the dashing, the daring, the devastatingly handsome, Prince Albert III of Deborsha

In the Forest
LA’MAR NEAL as Gajhar, The Gypsy King
KAITLYN BOYD as Gitana the Gypsy
MADISON WOOD as Esmeralda the Gypsy
MIA PAUL as Zingari the Gypsy

Meet the Cast


The Princess and the Pea

April 2016

Directed by Brianna Clemons 
Assistant Directed by Zoe Remund 
Costumed by Didi Pelev of Stars of Tomorrow Children’s Theater 

princess and the pea

Kaitlyn Boyd – Princess Phillipa
Chris Easley – Prince Antonio
Amanda Lashmit – The Queen 
Zoe Remund – Princess Amelia
Karissa Perry – Princess Bella
Julian Aveling – Dudly
Quade Hejdak – Wizard, Marcello, Old Woman & Prince Ziegfried
Tazman Aveling – Jester
Amy Marta – Jester, Child
Brynn Baca – Marrilla
Joleen Liu – Barrilla
Stephanie Kuntz – Sofi, Princess Pinnochina & Princess Gespatcha
Montana Gibson – Artisa & Princess Geppetta
Kayleigh Lacy – Artisa & Princess Geppetta (Apr 22,29,30)
Piotr Andzel – Herald & Prince Gustoff
Alyssa Boyd – Silent Princess & Irish Princess

Meet the Cast

golden-goose-picThe Golden Goose & Clarissa Fair with the Golden Hair

Directed by William Chinnock

Golden Goose: One act of hysterics while everyone from village maidens to the town Priest and Nun to the thieving gypsies of the forest become magically glued to the golden feathers of Han’s goose until the beautiful Princess Isabelle ceases her river of tears and laughs for the first time in years! 

Clarissa Fair with the Golden Hair: A second act of adventure when a simple cook eats from the forbidden fish and is able to understand the language of the animals. His new found fuzzy friends help him to pass every impossible test to win the hand of Princess Clarissa Fair with the Golden Hair. 

Sam Udvardi as Christopher the Royal Cook
Stephanie Kuntz as Clarissa Fair with the Golden Hair / Magic Fish
Kayleigh Lacy as Dorinda Wise with Starry Eyes
Ha’nnah Bunker as Florinda True with Eyes of Blue / Bird 1
Cassidy Hooper as Lucinda Smart with the Lovely Heart / Bird 2
Tristyn Deveau as Melisa Kind with the Brilliant Mind / Old Woman
Kaitlyn Boyd as Jill / The Angry Duck
Jonas Poggi as Jack / Prince Augustine de Pomp
Josina Montes as Ant 1
Brooke Goodrich as Ant 2
Kira Hooper as The Bumble Bee
William Chinnock as Purple Paige 

William Chinnock as Hans
Ha’nnah Bunker as Isabella, the Weeping Princess / Old Woman Olga
Tristyn Deveau as Mother of Hans / the Queen
Cassidy Hooper as Old Woman Regina / Lady Gwen
Kayleigh Lacy as Lady Jane
Stephanie Kuntz as Bertha
Josina Montes as Dana
Jonas Poggi as the Priest
Brooke Goodrich as the Nun
Kaitlyn Boyd as Thieving Theresa Tensionnel
Kira Hooper as Stealing Stacy Sullendale
Sam Udvardi as Smelly Sam the Laundry Man



Meet the Cast

Love Letters from B.C. to Emoji

bc to emoji

Directed by Didi Pelev and Dimyana Pelev

A charming, humorous, heartfelt 2 act readers theater where we travel

through time and explore love letters from different eras.


March 9, 10 & 11 at 7pm 
March 12 at 2pm

April Bittner
Anthony Bittner
Misha Bobov
Chris Coon
Chriss Coon
Ryan Gerez
Garrett Goodell
Freeland Gonzales
Smaran Harihar
Elizabeth Hernandez
Mamta Masane
Tatum Mapes
Kelly McKinley
Eden Rathbun
Victoria Story
Dimyana Pelev

Meet the Cast

Journey to Bethlehem

Written by Didi Pelev

Directed by April Bittner and Alyssa Good

Costumed by Didi Pelev, Stars of Tomorrow

Produced by Dimyana Pelev

Scenery by Stars of Tomorrow Children’s Theater


A one act show about the journey of Mary and

Joseph and the story of the first Christmas.



Brianna Clemons as Mary

Chris Easley as Joseph

Amanda Lashmit as Mary’s Mother

Ellen Drummonds as Darissa, Mary’s Friend

Esther Udvardi as Martha, Joseph’s Friend

Freeland Gonzales as Peter

Eden Rathbun as Oshina

Makenna Brown as Elizabeth, Mary’s Cousin

Tatum Mapes as Tabitha, Elizabeth’s Handmaiden

Zoe Remund as Atar the Shepherd

Riley Grissom as Rachel, Shepherd

Anthony Bittner as Benjamin, Shepherd

Esther Udvardi as Eszter, Shepherd

Noemi Villanueva as Norah, Shepherd

Greta Macharelli as Geela, Shepherd

Amory Martin as Abigail, Shepherd

Smaran Harihar as Ivan the Inn Keeper

Teresa Luna as Kelula, The Inn Keeper’s Wife

Riley Vadnais as Chasia, The Inn Keeper’s Eldest Daughter

Nailea Villanueva as Vanna, The Inn Keeper’s Youngest Daughter


Emy Meinke as Lilly the Lamb

Amanda Keenedy as Dinah the White Dove of Hope

Cloud Mora as Caleb the Cow

Liam Daily as Botyo, Joseph’s Donkey

Brooklyn Daily as Leah the Lamb

Meet The Cast


Sleeping Beauty Wheel Logo-Transparent

Directed by Kayleigh Lacy | Assistant Directed by William Chinnock

An enchanting tale that will capture your heart! Princess Aurora is cursed so upon her 16th birthday

she will prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and die unless true loves kiss awakes her.

“Sleeping Beauty”, an original two act comedy, is full of princes, princesses, and magic! Get

ready for laugh and an amazing adventure once upon a dream…

February 12-28, 2016

SB 15


Tracy Pelev – Aurora
Julian Aveling – Prince Philip
Kaitlyn Boyd – Georgie Prince Philip’s Best Friend
Alyssa Good – Maleficent
Brooke Goodrich – Raven
Tatum Mapes – Python
Riley Vadnais – Venom
SB 8SB 5
Brynn Baca – Web & The Royal Herald
Zoë Remund – Fauna the Fairy
Lainey Bogh – Flora the Fairy
Elizabeth Hernandez – Merry Weather the Fairy
Tony Bittner – King Rupert
Ellen Drummonds – Queen Francis
Kelly McKinley- Queen Victoria
Chris Easley – King Albert
Montana Gibson – Smarty the Owl Friend of Aurora
Amy Martin – Cottontail the Rabbit Friend of Aurora
Elena Deininger – Speedy the Turtle Friend of Aurora
Karissa Perry – Lady Juliet
SB 14

Meet the Cast

the wizard of oz

The Wizard of Oz

January 6 – February 1

Directed by William Chinnock

Assistant Directed by April Bittner

Produced by Dimyana Pelev


Cast of Characters

Zoë Remund as Dorothy Gale 
Amy Martin as Toto
Christopher Easley as The Scarecrow / Sam
Julian Aveling as the Tin Man / Tim
Quade Hejdak as The Cowardly Lion / Leo

OZ Final (58)
Amanda Lashmit as Glinda the Good Witch of the North / Aunt Em
Anthony Bittner as The Wizard of Oz / Professor 
April Bittner as The Wicked Witch / Miss Gultch 
Kaitlyn Boyd as Nikko the Flying Monkey / Tornado Dancer 
Stephanie Kuntz as Nikita the Flying Monkey / Tornado Dancer
Tatum Mapes as the Crow
Brynn Baca as The Apple Tree / Hirri the Mouse
Lainey Bogh as The Mouse Queen / Mute Munchkin
Joleen Liu (Yaya) as Kiore the Mouse / Mute Munchkin 
Karissa Perry as Poppy Flower / Gate Left 
Montana Gibson Munch the Munchkin / Poppy Flower / Gate Right
Isabella Spelman / Riley Vadnais as Mopsi the Munchkin / Turquoise the Ozian 
Tasman Harris Aveling as Mooj the Mayor of Munchkin Land / Topaz the Ozian 
Brooke Goodrich as Production Assistant / Tech / Poppy Flower

 OZ Final (13)

For more photos click here.

OZ Final (24) OZ Final (38)

Meet the Cast



Love in a Time of War

February 6 – February 22

Directed By Dimyana Pelev

Technical Director William Chinnock

Produced by Didi Pelev

Based on true WWII events, these heart wrenching stories remind us how powerful love is, even in a time of war a pregnant Russian women risks everything to save a life of a german soldier and hide him from her loving neighbors, the death of her husband stirs the heart of the soldier she saved and the neighbor she refused to wed many years ago. Gertrude Bablinska, a catholic nanny makes her life’s work to save a young jewish boy while the young people of the Villa Emma, Italy rescue 107 Jewish children by walking across the icy Tresa River to the safety of Switzerland.

February 6-22, 2015

Featuring the talents of: 

William Chinnock as Josef Duken  
Tracy Pelev as Lillian Bernard 
Ellen Curtis as Recha Freier / Cook 
Tyler-Marie Deveau as Annette  
Tristyn Deveau as Lydia  
Amanda Lashmit as Carlotta Rossini 
Kelly McKinley as Gertrude Bablinska / Nazi 
David Dysart as Nazi 2 
love in time of war
Kayleigh Lacy as Sylvia 
Brooke Goodrich as Katherine 
Lainey Bogh as Pavlina
Riley Vadnadis as Rosalie  
Atalie Bogh as Edith 
Brynn Baca as Beatrice
Montana Gibson as Trenka 
Rhett Bogh as Michael Stolowicki 
Amy Martin as Mary  
as The Children of Villa Emma 
live in time of war 2 lve in time of war 3
Dimyana Pelev as Natasha 
David Dysart as Carl
Jared Moore as Kolia 
Tristyn Deveau as Marusa  
Lee Kaberlein as Boris
Ellen Curtis as Yente

Dimyana Pelev

Dimyana PelevDimyana Pelev, native of Bulgaria, is an energetic artist who has been practicing her theatrical skills for 15 years. An award winning actress and singer, Pelev has also worn the hats of designer, writer, lyricist and most prominently director, choreographer and movement coordinator.  For 12 years Pelev has served as resident choreographer for Stars of Tomorrow Children’s Theater, a company devoted to producing quality theater and an exceptional learning experience for youth. In addition to teaching youth, Pelev has co-created an advanced acting program specifically for teens and just recently directed a third annual showcase.  Some of Pelev’s credits include work with puppetry, masks and ensemble music.  Pelev has annually directed and choreographed for Kimberly Juniors Etiquette Academy, leading 100+ high-school girls in a musical spectacular. Pelev’s has had the pleasure of choreographing and directing for prestigious theatrical companies and community theaters all over Southern California in addition to teaching ballet, tap and jazz for several yearsPelev has studied at LAMDA, New London Theatre, and holds a B.A. in Theatre Arts from the University of Redlands with an emphasis on directing and children’s theater.

Meet the Cast

into and out of the woods logo

Directed By Didi Pelev

Produced By Dimyana Pelev

Technical Director William Chinnock



09-IMG_9649Amanda Lashmit as The Evil Queen Regina 

Amy Martin as Little Red Riding Hood

Brianne Lopez as The Baker, Little Red and Little Bo Peep’s Mother 

Brooke Goodrich as Goldilocks 

Bryant Crawford as Friar Tuck 

Esther Udvardi as Belle 

Holly Kanter as Maleficent 

Jamie Ruml as Wolf / Prince Fillip 

02-IMG_9547Josh Lopez as Gaston 

Kayleigh Lacy as Magic Mirror / Princess Winifred 

Lexi Snowhite as Owl / Gretel 

Michael Bobov as Dudley 

Montana Gibson as Little Bo Peep 

Paolo Capili as Lafoo 

Riley Grissom as Flora, the Fairy 

Riley Vadnais as Fauna the Fairy / The Boy Who Cried Wolf 

Tatum Mapes as Merryweather the Fairy

24-IMG_9927Tracy Pelev as Snow White 

Tyler-Marie Deveau as Sleeping Beauty 

William Chinnock as Sheriff of Nottingham / Robin Hood 

*David Dysart as as Sheriff of Nottingham / Robin Hood on Saturday, Oct 18th 

Zoe Remund as Gothel / Maid Marion